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Grow your o2o [online 2 offline] business with China Martech

If you are in business today, chances are you are using marketing tech- if not, chances are you may not be in business for too much longer.
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China Social Media

The SMART [phone] way to drive better business in China

Reach your consumers where when and how they prefer. Build a strong brand awareness and loyal followers
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Uengager: Superior UX-Superior Data

Is your site amazing - Or just a maze?

Don't force your visitors to struggle to understand your webs site. Simple tasks: forms, shopping, should be simple
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Baidu Optimisation

Customers are searching, are YOU going be found?

China is not one huge billion consumer market. Make sure your website is seen by the niche market you are targeting.
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Marketing Technology in China

Times have changed- marketing has changed.

But for many SME's or smaller marketers, this is another call on their already stretched resource and precious time.
Martech: the blending of marketing and technology was a buzzword back in 2013, peaking around 2015.
The buzzword may have faded but marketing tech is here to stay, especially in China which is quite possibly currently leading the way in technology.
It would be hard, today, to find a successful business that does not use some form of digital marketing in its mix.

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China Martech

Technology pervades almost every part of our lives, even the humble WC is now flush with tech. Almost every marketer today is dealing with martech, since digital by its very nature is technologically-based.

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Challenges of Technology Marketing in China.

As a marketer you will be familiar with marketing social media Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etal. Yet, they barely scratch the surface.
Sadly, while many brands muddle through with local tech, they flounder badly in China where Alibaba is pushing the envelope with aspects like New Retail and Live streaming.
WeChat, the ubiquitous goto tool for brands and consumers in China brings another mix to the pot. It may seem like just another Whatsapp on the surface, in reality it is much more. A very potent, powerful,complete but complex all in one marketing eco system.
Then of course, there is China's Great [Fire] Wall- the censorship machine. Not only are Google, Facebook and Twitter blocked here, but most consumers simply don't bother with them. Why would they when they have a native, home grown version in their Smart phone?
Which leads us nicely into Baidu; the Google-esque browser used by 90% of Chinese web surfers. Based loosely on Google, maybe, but no where near as intuitive or user friendly from a marketing perspective. In fact, many seasoned Chinese CMO's seek professional assistance with Baidu SEO and SEM.

China Marketing Tech Services

3 ways to use Marketing Technology in China

China Social Media: WeChat- WeiBo

Chinese use social media for almost all everyday situations from booking tickets, paying accounts, ride hailing, shopping, travel, entertainment news and relaxation. Mobile is the goto medium of choice, WeChat the current platform of choice. Social Media should be your main branding, sales CRM and data tool in China. Introduction to WeChat Operation.~

Uengager- User Guides

If your visitors can't easily find what they need on your site they will leave. Uengager turns your site from a nightmare to interactive dream. Guide your consumers to what they want, create a superior UX. Improve the quality of your data, retain users, build loyalty, reduce abandoned E-com shopping carts. Request a Free Trial or call for 1 personalised help

Baidu Website Optimisation - SEM

Baidu may look like Google or Bing, but under the hood it is a different beast. Eg: Baidu still recognises keywords. Searche tool of choice by majority of Chinese: a complex marketing tool. Even Chinese CMO' see expert support. Search Engines are smarter- success is more than SEO, you need an holistic approach. Learn more about Baidu Optimisation